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Submitted by: Sarah Lopez

If you have ever noticed when people have weddings they always hand out little gifts to their guests as way to remember their special day. You see things like matchbooks, and candles, and little tins with mints in them but rarely do you see something unusual, something original. I wanted something different for my wedding so I did a search online and found wholesale handmade soaps that made the perfect wedding favors.

You can find wholesale handmade soaps at numerous websites online and the variety that you will have to choose from is great. There are handmade soaps made out of a number of different oil, organic herbs, essential oils, and specialty milks.

Handmade soaps also come in a wide variety of wonderful fragrances. Some of the fragrances that you will find can be paired with which ever season you are having your wedding in. For example, if youre having a fall wedding you could give out handmade soaps as wedding favors with a fragrance like apple-cinnamon, or pumpkin spice. If youre having a winter wedding you could hand out candy cane scented handmade soaps. Or how about giving out handmade soaps for wedding favors at a summer wedding that smell like fresh cut flowers or a beautiful, crisp waterfall. And the best thing about giving out handmade soaps as wedding favors is that you can but them online for wholesale prices.

Another great thing regarding handmade soaps is not only do they come in wonderful scents but they come in a wide variety of different colors as well. You will find that you can purchase these soaps online in colors such as blues, pinks, browns, yellows, greens and many other colors so youre sure to find a color that will go with your specific wedding theme.

If your wondering what you can do to dress up handmade soaps so that they are suitable to hand out to your guests and add to your wedding theme you can look online for ideas. One idea is to wrap the soaps in cellophane and tie them with a ribbon that matches your wedding theme colors. Another great idea is to put the soaps in mini gift boxes printed with your names and the date of your wedding. If you really wanted to get creative you could decorate miniature baskets and place the handmade soaps in them. Place little stones in the baskets as well for an added decorative element.

Wholesale handmade soaps make great wedding favors for more than one reason. They are all-natural first of all so you can be confident that you are giving your guests a gift without any harsh chemicals in it. Another great thing is that you are giving your guests something that they can actually use. On a day that is all about you its nice to let your guests know that you are thinking about them and that you appreciate them sharing your day with you. The wholesale prices are also an added bonus to giving out handmade soaps for wedding favors. You can often find these wonderful wedding favors for the same price as for other traditional wedding favors. Your guests will be sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness.

By the way everybody at my wedding loved the handmade soaps. In fact a friend of mine who had her wedding shortly after mine ordered wholesale handmade soaps for wedding favors too. It may be the beginning of a new trend. Maybe you will be the next one to give out wholesale handmade soaps at your wedding and everybody will compliment you on your savvy style.

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