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Feb. 21, alibaba (China) network Co., LTD (HK), j 1688 announced in accordance with company always sticks to the values and the principle of good faith and the company in 2010 cleaned up about 0.8% of more than 1,000 alleged fraud “Chinese suppliers” customers, the company CEO WeiZhe and COO LiXuHui liable to resign. Meanwhile, alibaba B2B company announced LiuZhaoXi replace WeiZhe CEO dragons, concurrently B2B company CEO positions.

Alibaba group, board chairman Mr Ma in subsequent email to “break, said commercial credit principle and company values the bottom line of behavior”, can’t have any tolerate palliative, the company will continue to stick to “let the world does not have difficult do business” mission.

(Mr Ma mail full-text exposure: B2B company found by the end of 2009, platform from the customers start had a tendency to rise, fraud complaint from alibaba board entrusted with a separate investigation shows, part for short-term interests sales personnel, intentionally indulge or neglect allow partial external molecules into alibaba member system, organized fraud.

Announcement, the company has cleaned up 1 name 2010 suspicion of fraud “Chinese suppliers, accounted for in the end customer for total paying club about 0.8%. Meanwhile, directly responsible for nearly one hundred dealt with the sales.

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Mr Ma said that, in the past month, he is very angry and very painful, “alibaba launched its first day from chasing profits in duplicate for the first goal, we never want to bring the company into a just make money machine. We have been holding” let the world does not have difficult do business “mission! Customer first values mean we would rather not growth, will not do anything to harm the interests of the customer, not to mention overt deceit.”

Ma3 yun2’s B2B team must review requirements, to have “face reality, assumes and scraping the bone healing courage”. He said, “but this is our growing pain, is our developing must pay, very painful! But we have no choice”.

Ma3 yun2’s WeiZhe and LiXuHui previously to the efforts for the company, at the same time also admire thanked they dare to bear to responsible attitude. Meanwhile Mr Ma also encouraged and adhere to the values and the principle of good faith and the “into the special things, and the bear” special!

Meanwhile, alibaba B2B company announced LiuZhaoXi replace WeiZhe CEO dragons, concurrently B2B company CEO positions. Another DengKangMing CPO, alibaba group CPO duties, demoted to resign, pay treasure to President with another PengLei will concurrently B2B company CPO position.

WeiZhe resume

Born in Shanghai WeiZhe, 1970. In 1993, graduated from Shanghai international studies university, into Shanghai securities company nations. Successive nations securities assets management headquarters deputy general manager, “pricewaterhousecoopers (PWC),” a senior manager, general manager of Orient securities investment bank headquarters. 2000 as 100 how to reside (China) executive vice President and chief financial officer. In 2002 as 100 how to reside (China) executive, led the management team in five years development in China’s largest retail building materials supermarket chain. 2004 was awarded “China’s seven retail figures” and “Chinese retailing 2005 top ten men”. In November 2006, officially join alibaba group and served as senior vice President and enterprise electronic commerce (B2B) President.

LiXuHui resume

Since February 2009 LiXuHui plays as alibaba’s chief operating officer, responsible for managing the greater China region and overseas sales business and buyers service and development. He May 2009 was appointed alibaba board members.

LiXuHui has more than 17 years sales and B2B marketing experience. He born in Taiwan, in 2000 for the first time to join alibaba, as alibaba international trading market, and the early development of Gold business publications are made significant contributions. As before LiXuHui present, successive alibaba herein-described multiple senior position publications are sales, including in 2000 to 2001 as governor, in 2001 and 2002, senior director, as in 2002 and 2003, and as vice President in 2004 to 2005 as senior vice-president. In October 2005 LiXuHui alibaba website appointed customer service department and senior vice President, and in 2006 November, 2007 to June as alibaba international department general manager, responsible for management international website operations, sales and customer service Gold publications are.

Before joining alibaba, LiXuHui participated in a famous cross-media trade marketing company service 10 years. He holds a national Taiwan ocean university turbine engineering bachelor degree.

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